Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band

The band has been busy this year with repeat events and some new ventures. We started the year in Bolton Victoria square, piping the Earl of St. Andrews to his installation as Chancellor of Bolton University and to date, our last event was in Bolton Victoria square, taking part in the Remembrance service, along with what seemed to me the largest gathering for some years.

We spent an afternoon at ELR Bury entertaining visitors during the 1940's event. Humbled but proud to take part in I Love MCR Massed bands at the beginning of June and then supporting Bolton Cancer Voices in Victoria Halls at the end of June.

We visited Bury town centre entertaining the shoppers and have been invited back again next year thank you.

Horwich Tesco and their shoppers were very appreciative of our performance in August.

Thank you Bolton Masonic Lodge for inviting us to head their parade to the Parish Church once again this year and look forward to next year.

Armistice day was spent at Wigan Galleries entertaining a very appreciative audience. Thank you all who have posted comments on Facebook pages.

Coming up, we have the Wigan Santa parade, 100th birthday surprise, Christmas concert and an 80th birthday. Two new pipers and three new drummers picked up along the way so hopefully we will see them out and about with us later next year.

Thank you to all who support us.

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During October we spent four days at ELR Bury in the company of a great team of staff and volunteers who worked their socks off the entire time we were there to make sure the Flying Scotsman event went as smoothly as possible. They took us under their wing and we definitely felt part of their team by the time the Flying Scotsman departed platform 3 at 5pm on Sunday 16th October having piped it in and piped it out all day for four days. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year sometime. More over the response from the public was just amazing!! your support and wonderful comments inspired us and kept us enthusiastic right to the end. We are truly grateful.
finally I wish to say thank you publicly to a brilliant group of guys who gave their last ounce of energy playing to the very best of their ability in order to entertain everyone visiting the station during the event. You did yourselves proud, well done. Jasmin.

For more photos and videos of the event take a look at the gallery or you can also visit our facebook page Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band